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Shaping Gold Ring

Jewellery Repair

we are highly experienced at repairing jewellery of all kinds. Find out more about the services we offer please see below.

Jewellery Repair

Here at Dawson Jewellers, we have sourced a magnificent choice of Jewellery for you to enjoy. We offer a wide range of Jewellery repair and bespoke pieces for any and every occasion. Our world beating selection is the perfect wardrobe addition for any occasion. Fantastic for personal gifts, birthday presents, anniversaries or corporate gifts.


We pride ourselves on our after-care service. With all repairs are carried out in-house by our highly trained Goldsmith’s. We also encourage our customers to pop back to us every few years. So that we can help keep their items in tip top condition. When dealing with Dawson Jewellers, you can rest assured that all pieces are treated with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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