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Clock Gears

Watch Repair

Here at Dawson Jewellers, we present an exceptional watch repair service, providing comprehensive solutions for the meticulous restoration of your cherished timepieces. Boasting a team of highly skilled artisans and utilising cutting-edge equipment, they proficiently address a range of issues, ensuring the revitalisation of your watch's splendor.

Watch Battery Replacement

Experience professional and efficient watch battery replacement with us. Our skilled technicians swiftly and reliably replace your watch battery, preserving the smooth functionality of your cherished timepiece.

Watch Repair

From intricate mechanisms to delicate components, trust us to restore the functionality and beauty of your treasured timepiece.

Watch Service

From meticulous cleaning to intricate adjustments, entrust us to enhance the performance and longevity of your beloved timepiece.

Watch Glass Replacement

Our skilled craftsmen expertly replace damaged or scratched watch glass, restoring clarity and protecting your timepiece with meticulous care.

Watch Polishing

Revitalize the allure of your timepiece with our professional watch polishing service. Our meticulous craftsmen restore the luster and shine, giving your watch a renewed elegance and sophistication.

Watch Restoration

Our skilled artisans breathe new life into vintage timepieces, preserving their historical value and craftsmanship while ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetics.

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